Canine Fitness: What It Is and How to Start

Canine fitness is one of my favorite topics to learn about and discuss! Just like human fitness, there is a wealth of information about why fitness is important or even how specific exercises work certain muscles. Many people have an understanding that human fitness is important but they may not be familiar with canine fitness.Continue reading “Canine Fitness: What It Is and How to Start”

How to Train Your Dog to Kayak: The Foundation

There is something extra special about kayaking with your dog. I have fond memories of paddling up a quiet, slow-moving brook with Peter while watching the wildlife traverse the creek bank. Such a peaceful feeling! For Peter, he loves to air scent along our aqueous pathway and tends to take a spontaneous dip in theContinue reading “How to Train Your Dog to Kayak: The Foundation”

How to Build a Healthy Lifestyle

Like many people, I started some unhealthy habits during the COVID-19 pandemic and struggled to get back to a healthy lifestyle. These unhealthy decisions were negatively impacting my ability to enjoy the outdoors with my Beagle, Peter. One day, I was talking to my sister and expressed how overwhelmed I was with my health challenges.Continue reading “How to Build a Healthy Lifestyle”

Adventure Puppy: An Award Program for Kids and Puppies

In the summer of 2020, a good friend suggested that I create an award program through Outdoor Dog specifically for children. We both had realized how hard the COVID-19 pandemic was on children. Giving kids something fun to do with their dogs might be beneficial to their physical and mental health. Through that conversation, AdventureContinue reading “Adventure Puppy: An Award Program for Kids and Puppies”