Canine Fitness: What It Is and How to Start

Beagle running in grass at a park

Canine fitness is one of my favorite topics to learn about and discuss! Just like human fitness, there is a wealth of information about why fitness is important or even how specific exercises work certain muscles. Many people have an understanding that human fitness is important but they may not be familiar with canine fitness. What exactly does it entail? Dogs weight lifting at a puppy gym? Not quite, although that might be super cute! Check out “What is Canine Fitness” to learn about canine fitness!

Now that we understand what canine fitness is, how do we start incorporating it for our dogs? Before starting any fitness program (dog or human), it’s important to discuss it with a health professional to prevent injury. There are a bunch of other things to consider before starting too. Watch “Ten Tips for Starting a Fitness Program for Your Dog” to learn more!

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