How to Train Your Dog to Kayak: The Foundation

A beagle stands on top of a kayak at a lake

There is something extra special about kayaking with your dog. I have fond memories of paddling up a quiet, slow-moving brook with Peter while watching the wildlife traverse the creek bank. Such a peaceful feeling! For Peter, he loves to air scent along our aqueous pathway and tends to take a spontaneous dip in the water at least once during our adventure.

But how to you start kayaking with your canine companion? Peter and I have spent a lot of time playing training games to ensure he knows exactly what to do when boarding, riding, and then disembarking the kayak. Because of these fun games, our kayak trips are effortless and enjoyable! Watch “How to Train Your Dog to Kayak: The Foundation” to learn how we did it and get started with your own pup!

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