Adventure Puppy: An Award Program for Kids and Puppies

A cartoon beagle holds a leash while walking

In the summer of 2020, a good friend suggested that I create an award program through Outdoor Dog specifically for children. We both had realized how hard the COVID-19 pandemic was on children. Giving kids something fun to do with their dogs might be beneficial to their physical and mental health. Through that conversation, Adventure Puppy was born!

Adventure Puppy was created to provide fun titling opportunities for kids. Outdoor Dog couldn’t stop there though! The program is also geared towards puppies, who often cannot participate in other dog sports until they are older. After developing the program, it was too much fun to only allow kids and pups to participate. Although the program is geared towards human and canine youth, anyone of any age can join in the fun!

The program includes three unique titling categories: Jolly Pup, Pioneer Pup, and Studious Pup.

Jolly Pup

Jolly Pup is all about having fun! If you like playing games or providing enrichment activities to your dog, Jolly Pup is for you! Participants can earn awards by logging their fun activities such as toy play, food puzzles/toys, the Indoor Dog enrichment activities and more!

Jolly Pup Logo
Jolly Pup brings the fun to Adventure Puppy!

Pioneer Pup

Pioneer Pup is for those who are explorers at heart! Similar to the regular Outdoor Dog titles, participants can submit their fun outdoor adventures to earn awards. Age-appropriate walks, hikes, water play, exploratory sniff time, and more count towards your Pioneer Pup titles.

Pioneer Pup Logo
Get ready for adventure with Pioneer Pup!

Studious Pup

Love to learn? At Outdoor Dog, we do too! That’s why Studious Pup has been included in the Adventure Puppy titling program. Participants can earn awards by reading books, attending courses, and even having a dog training session!

Studious Pup Logo
Read your way to awards with Studious Pup!

Join the Fun!

For more information about Adventure Puppy and to join the fun, check out the Outdoor Dog Facebook Group for the guidelines (in the files section). I cannot wait to hear about your Adventure Puppy experiences!

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