Outdoor Dog Titles

Dog looking across the water at a pond

Do you love kayaking with your dog? There are titles for that! Do you love hiking with your dog? There are titles for that too! The Outdoor Dog titling program allows participants to earn titles with their dog for enjoying their favorite outdoor activity. There are 8 different titling categories to choose from! For more information, download the Outdoor Dog guidelines in the Forms.

Two dogs standing in a grassy field

Title Categories

Titling CategoryType of Activity
Backpacking BarkerBackpacking with your dog
Canine CamperCamping with your dog in a tent, cabin, RV, or camper
Furry FloaterTaking your dog swimming
Hiking HoundHiking with your dog
Letterboxing PupFinding a letterbox with your dog
Paddling PupKayaking, canoeing, or row boating with your dog
Sailing SeadogSailing or boating with your dog
Wagging WalkerWalking with your dog