Bald Eagle State Park: Day 5 & 6

The rain had moved out in the morning and was replaced with bright blue skies and sunshine. The last full day of our trip promised more adventure judging by the weather. After breakfast, I decided to take Peter for a walk. As we got ready, Peyton, my parents’ dog, begged to come too. With bothContinue reading “Bald Eagle State Park: Day 5 & 6”

Bald Eagle State Park: Day 4

As I opened my eyes, I heard rain pattering on the canvas of the pop-up camper. I rolled over and snuggled closer to Peter who was curled up on his blanket. I laid with him for a while, just listening to the peaceful sounds of the rain. The rain had begun the night before whenContinue reading “Bald Eagle State Park: Day 4”

Bald Eagle State Park: Day 3

Peter rested his little chin on the edge of the boat, his lips adorably smooshing against the silver railing. The pontoon boat glided over the smooth water with ease as Peter’s ears waved in the wind. My parents’ dog, Peyton, would occasionally join Peter in the front of the boat but would soon return toContinue reading “Bald Eagle State Park: Day 3”

Bald Eagle State Park: Day 2

Peter waited patiently as I slipped on my sneakers. I presented his harness to him and he ducked his head into the gear. He was ready! We stepped out of the camper together and were met with the cool, crisp air. I took a deep breath. Ah, the perfect temperature for a run. Peter seemedContinue reading “Bald Eagle State Park: Day 2”

Bald Eagle State Park: Day 1

Bald Eagle State Park is a park nestled in northcentral Pennsylvania. Named for a Native American chief, Woapalanne, the park features almost 15 miles of hiking trails, a 1700-plus acre lake, loads of picnic areas, and a campground with dog-friendly sites. Between the awe-inspiring beauty of the park and the variety of opportunities to enjoyContinue reading “Bald Eagle State Park: Day 1”

Sunflower Adventures

As autumn begins in Pennsylvania, sunflowers offer wisps of color to the landscape. Yellows, reds, and oranges blend with green fields and blue skies at many farms. Local farmers often use sunflowers in crop rotations to rejuvenate the soil and attract pollinators such as bees to the farm. These sunflower fields may also offer funContinue reading “Sunflower Adventures”

Warming Up and Cooling Down for the Outdoors

Just like people, dogs need to warm up before exercise and cool down afterwards. Warming up helps prepare the dog’s body for exercise including increasing blood flow to muscles. Cooling down prepares the dog’s body for rest by decreasing the dog’s heartrate and breathing. No matter what type of outdoor activity you and your dogContinue reading “Warming Up and Cooling Down for the Outdoors”

Pennsylvania Wilds: Full of Adventure and Wildlife

When people think of Pennsylvania (PA), they often think of cities like Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, which have lots of wonderful parks to explore. But the state also has over 100 state parks, acres of state forests, and plenty of state game lands! It lives up to the “woods” in it’s name! I feel so fortunateContinue reading “Pennsylvania Wilds: Full of Adventure and Wildlife”

Yoga Mat + Treats = Rainy Day Fun

I absolutely love rainy days. The melody of the rain bouncing off my metal house roof is simply beautiful. Everything glistening with water makes the world sparkle! As an added bonus, rainy days seem more peaceful outside without the hustle and bustle that sunny days often bring. I wonder what Peter thinks of rainy days.Continue reading “Yoga Mat + Treats = Rainy Day Fun”

When the Unthinkable Happens: Your Injury Recovery

Injury and illness can easily stop us in our tracks and make it more difficult to enjoy the outdoors. When I was growing up, I was an active child who loved exploring the forest. I had my fair share of bruises, cuts, and even broken bones but I could still enjoy nature with the minorContinue reading “When the Unthinkable Happens: Your Injury Recovery”