Pennsylvania Wilds: Full of Adventure and Wildlife

Black bear walking near cabins

When people think of Pennsylvania (PA), they often think of cities like Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, which have lots of wonderful parks to explore. But the state also has over 100 state parks, acres of state forests, and plenty of state game lands! It lives up to the “woods” in it’s name!

I feel so fortunate to live in an area where I can easily access some of these recreational areas. Peter and I love to walk, hike, kayak, camp, and boat throughout Pennsylvania! One of our favorite places to camp is in the Pennsylvania Wilds. The wilds is a northern portion of PA that has over 2 million acres of public land. It’s a great place to truly get away and enjoy nature. It also lends itself to wildlife encounters. During a camping trip last year, I saw a fisher cross the road. It was the first and only fisher I’ve seen!

Luckily, Peter and I have never had a scary encounter with wildlife. We just steer clear of the other animal and leave the area if we see something. On one of our trips, I was able to video some wildlife from the truck. Check out the video below!

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