Yoga Mat + Treats = Rainy Day Fun

Rain drops on a pine tree

I absolutely love rainy days. The melody of the rain bouncing off my metal house roof is simply beautiful. Everything glistening with water makes the world sparkle! As an added bonus, rainy days seem more peaceful outside without the hustle and bustle that sunny days often bring.

I wonder what Peter thinks of rainy days. Although he seems to enjoy the rain, it often means we aren’t going on adventures (unless I feel inspired to enjoy a rainy walk or hike). I make a point to give him some fun enrichment throughout the week, especially on days we cannot get some exercise in. One of our new favorites is “Cookie Yoga”. Although it may lead to my yoga mat getting slimmed by dog drool, it’s totally worth seeing Peter’s problem-solving skills! Check out the video below to learn how to play with your dog!

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