Sunflower Adventures

Sunflower with two bees

As autumn begins in Pennsylvania, sunflowers offer wisps of color to the landscape. Yellows, reds, and oranges blend with green fields and blue skies at many farms. Local farmers often use sunflowers in crop rotations to rejuvenate the soil and attract pollinators such as bees to the farm. These sunflower fields may also offer fun adventures for you and your pup!

Living in rural Pennsylvania, sunflower fields are easy to find. Peter Pan and I are lucky to live within 30 minutes of a local gourd shop that sells handcrafted gourds. When a particular field isn’t used to grow gourds, the shop plants sunflowers. The community is allowed to enjoy the blooming fields by walking the many paths throughout and picking sunflowers to take home.

The best part? It’s dog-friendly! Visiting the sunflower fields at the gourd company has become a tradition for Peter and I. It’s a fantastic opportunity for a gorgeous walk! I love taking pictures of Peter with the sunflowers. Peter loves the exercise and enticing scents along the paths. This year was extra special because Peter and I got to explore the fields with my sister and her dog, Ruger!

Two dogs sit together at a sunflower field
Peter Pan and his buddy, Ruger, pose at the sunflower field

If you are looking for an autumn adventure with your pup, consider looking for a dog-friendly sunflower field in your area that is open to the public. It’s such a fun excursion that it is bound to become a yearly tradition!

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