Titling Programs

Beagle laying on the beach

Outdoor Dog has a variety of opportunities to earn awards with your dog! In the Outdoor Dog titling program, you can earn titles in hiking, walking, swimming, boating, and more.

Want more of a challenge after completing the highest levels of Outdoor Dog? The Extreme titles boost the intensity of each titling category! Each title that you earn comes with fun award options including personalized items.

Beagle next to waterfall

Adventure Puppy is another great titling program that is geared towards kids and puppies. It combines adventure, play, and learning into one exciting program. Don’t have a puppy or a child? Anyone of any age can join in the fun!

Check out each titling program for more information or download the guidelines from the Forms.


Did your dog meet all the requirements to earn a title? Simply fill out the entry form!